Garden Decking London

What is the main benefit of a garden decking? This is surely the fact that you can enjoy being outdoor while still connected to your house. Decking is a landscaping feature which extends the living space to outdoors. Garden decking in London can be made of

  • treated softwood,
  • Ipe,
  • Cedar,
  • Teak,
  • Balau and many more.

Decking can also be built with:

  • recycled plastic,
  • composite materials
  • and even aluminium.

A great advantage of garden decking is that it can be constructed on steep hills and uneven grounds that otherwise would be difficult to make usable. Generally decks can be considered as an alternative for stone paving patios. A pergola or a canopy can be added to block the sunlight in hot summer days.


Garden decking should be done aesthetically to provide a tranquil area for enjoying quiet hours of leisure or fun place for party or special occasions. All garden decks are subject to weather conditions so chosen materials need to be carefully selected and appropriate for certain areas. A decking that has a roof will require very little maintenance but a decking on a roof terrace that is exposed to direct sun and rain throughout the year should be constructed with good quality hardwood. Hardwood decking boards are very dense and rich in natural oils. That prevents water penetration and insect attacks. Hardwood does not require pressure treatment. Decking boards are 75mm to 150mm wide. The most common sizes are 145mm combined with 90mm. Decking boards can be grooved in many patterns but smooth finish is also very popular. Smooth decking boards have the advantage of being easily renovated. Usually a good sanding down and a couple of coats of decking oil or sealer will bring your decking to like new condition.Before you buy decking for your garden make sure you consult pacific beach gardens nursery to check if the decking support your plants properly.

Timber decking is widely used due to ease of work, natural look and feel.

Simple garden decking can be built by skilled DIY-er. Basic skills like setting correct levels, fixing timber frame and driving screws with a drill are sufficient to complete softwood decking project. Main mistake when constructing garden decking is weeds or grass left in the ground and lack of landscape membrane under a frame. Another serious mistake is leaving too small gaps between deck boards. When timber swell and gaps were too small, water will pool on the deck. Worst case scenario is when the decking boards will actually snap the screws off and some boards will lift up.


Garden decking has to be maintained to keep fresh look, protect from insects and to be safe for users. A power jet wash, twice a year will prevent decking being slippery and a coat of oil, stain or decking sealer should be applied every 2 years. For hardwood decking only jet wash is necessary and sealing is optional if you want to restore its original colour. For more information on how you can finance this or other projects visit https://www.paydayloanhelpers.com/.