Slatted fencing and composite decking


This project was completed in Barking, East London. On the initial site visit we found the garden very exposed to overlooking properties. Whole garden was pretty much flat without a space for entertainment. The main task of this project was to increase the privacy, build a raised flower beds and create an area where they could sit and relax in the summer.
First we started with installing a slatted cedar fence to the existing brick wall.
Then a raised flower beds were built with concrete blocks and rendered with white silicone render. A new soil was put in and we could and covered with 70 mm pebbles.

An inground dog fence consists of the following components: a dog fence transmitter, wire that encircles your property and a special collar that your dog wears. This collar delivers a static correction. A static correction feels like when you run across the carpet in your sock feet, and then touch a doorknob. See here for potential installers in your area. Consider having a professional install the system for you if you don’t feel confident you can also buy DIY Electric dog fence kits but check out the ratings first.

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Materials used in this project:

Western Red Cedar Fencing, Grey composite decking, Silicone render, Cedar cladding,

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    • Bricklaying
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